Vema Kids is your competent partner!

Professional advice on equipment and methods of working with it, training your specialists, a clear understanding of how to work with the characteristics of the clients of your establishments is our business card.

We use only high quality certified materials!

Our production uses modern interactive technologies and techniques for working with people with special needs. Our products are manufactured at our own production facilities by a team of professionals in accordance with international standards of quality and safety.

First we shape our objectives, then they shape us!

Do you have free space where you want to make a touch room for exercise therapy or psychological rehabilitation? You already have the equipment but want to upgrade and make the facility more efficient?We can help you with that!

What is VEMA KIDS ?

We started as enthusiasts with a specific goal - to equip several development centers with tools for the development and rehabilitation of "special" children. But in the process of complete immersion in solving the problem, when studying the information available in the public domain, as well as communicating with specialists and parents, it turned out that there is a kind of information vacuum in the areas of sensory integration, inclusion, adaptation of children to real life conditions, and just covering work with such kids.

Our approach is about building a unique solution for every facility. The concept of inclusion is key for us, from workflow organization and up to task execution. We believe that all kids deserve equal opportunities for leisure and playing together.
Based company "Vema Kids" in 2016. In Ukraine, we occupy leading position in equipping sensory rooms, preschool and secondary schools.
We are also one of the 3th in sales most popular companies in Ukraine


Our company is focused on building long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and a permanent partnership